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Did you know?

Champagne's sparkling wine was discovered by accident while attempting to imitate the wines of Burgundy!

Due to the much colder climate in Champagne, fermentation stops in winter and resumes in spring, causing the release of carbon dioxide in the bottle, for those that don't explode! In 1668, the monk Dom Pérignon developed the technique of second fermentation and is considered the inventor of Champagne as we currently enjoy it. The cuvée is consistent, the wine is clearer, lighter, and more radiant. Joseph, the wine merchant, leverages his network among the upper bourgeoisie and nobility to sell Champagne to Germany.

In the 18th century, Champagne wine merchants embarked on long journeys throughout Europe, mainly to the East and England, to place their exceptional wines, already known in the region, in larger quantities with royal courts and aristocrats. The trade was divided between Reims (Philippe Clicquot, Florens-Louis Heidsieck, François Delamotte) and Epernay (Nicolas Ruinart, Pierre Chanoine, Claude Moët). Thanks to their illustrious clients, Champagne became known worldwide. Every tasting of Champagne offers a light, unique, and effervescent pleasure. Joseph developed a Champagne brand that is still available for sale in stores, notably in Bonneval, surprising, isn't it? Tasting Champagne is a true delight, especially when it's well chilled. Feel free to use the 19th-century ice bucket available at the bar!

"Come quickly, I am tasting the stars!" (Dom Pérignon, allegedly after tasting the first glass of Champagne)

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