The Gardens of the Castle

Discover the domain of Bois Guibert and enjoy the gardens of the Castle.

The gardens of Bois Guibert are designed with a real intention to create a space for relaxation and leisure. Our park, with its century-old trees and diverse plants, will take you on refreshing walks. Spanning over 10,000 m2, it offers a sense of peace and serenity to the entire property. Visit our two towers, and you will be surprised by this discovery. From the hotel’s park, crossing the gardens of the Castle, you can walk to Bonneval and, if you are adventurous, even to Chateaudun.


The Castle Park

The special feature to discover for the joy of both young and old…

Our mini animal parks are waiting for you in the gardens of the Castle. They will allow you to feed our goats, pigs, and chickens with specially prepared food.

Our mini pigs, one all pink and the other gray spotted, look like plush toys! You will be charmed by their friendliness. They are among the smartest animals, capable of learning tricks and responding to their names. Contrary to popular belief, pigs are very clean. They roll in the mud only to protect themselves from parasites and the sun’s rays, but also to cool down!

As for the goats, they are more independent. Very playful and eager for space, it allows them to fully enjoy the gardens of the Castle. Moreover, they are very fond of thorns, a source of vitamins. Thus, they naturally participate in the recycling of Christmas trees!

We will be happy to explain everything to you and accompany you in discovering our mini animal parks.