Between Chartres and Châteaudun
Hostellerie du
Bois Guibert

Located in Bonneval, in the Centre region (28), just 10km from Châteaudun, in the heart of Eure-et-Loir, Hostellerie du Bois Guibert offers you a green and peaceful setting, only 35 minutes away from Chartres renowned for its magnificent cathedral.

Hostellerie du Bois Guibert, a 3-star accommodation between Chartres and Châteaudun, provides a warm atmosphere. You will be welcomed in a friendly environment that includes a bar, several terraces, and a park. Starting in the morning, let yourself be seduced by our delicious breakfast consisting of a variety of fresh products. We also offer cheese or charcuterie boards, perfect for lunch or dinner. In addition to our accommodation services, we provide you with an orangery ideal for your receptions, seminars, and weddings. If desired, you also have the possibility to fully privatize the castle. Furthermore, a workspace is available for your business meetings.


Come and discover Hostellerie du Bois Guibert and immerse yourself in a unique experience combining history, comfort, and charm. Our friendly team is ready to welcome you and make your stay an unforgettable moment.

Château du Bois Guibert (Bonneval) - Au cœur de la petite Venise de la Beauce, l'Hostellerie du Bois Guibert située à Bonneval en région Centre (28) propose un hébergement 3 étoiles, un jardin, une terrasse et un bar - Chambres Luxe & Confort
Entrée du Château du Bois Guibert (Bonneval) - Au cœur de la petite Venise de la Beauce, l'Hostellerie du Bois Guibert située à Bonneval en région Centre (28) propose un hébergement 3 étoiles, un jardin, une terrasse et un bar - Chambres Luxe & Confort - Hostellerie Hotel proche de Chartres Chateaudun type Logis Chateau Hôtel de Charme Domaine pour nuits en Eure et Loir

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Geographical Location

Located in Bonneval, the Hostellerie du Bois Guibert is situated 33 km away from Chartres with its Cathedral and Municipal Theater. In Bonneval and its surroundings, you can engage in various activities such as canoeing, kayaking, and cycling, with the option to rent electric bikes.
The property is 33 km from Chartres Cathedral and 38 km from Chartrexpo.
The nearest airport, Tours Val de Loire Airport, is 99 km away.

The Hostellerie du Bois Guibert is strategically positioned between the Loire Valley - land of castles - and Paris. Our hotel is a stone's throw away from Château de Châteaudun and close to Maintenon! The monuments of Eure-et-Loir are extraordinary.

Our Hotel is:

35 minutes from Chartres (28)
12 minutes from Chateaudun (28)
Approximately 1 hour 30 minutes from Paris (75)
Approximately 1 hour from Orléans (45)
18 minutes from Brou (28)
50 minutes from Vendome (41)
25 minutes from Cloyes-Les-Trois-Rivières (28)
20 minutes from Luce (28)
22 minutes from Illiers-Combray (28120)

Tourisme : découvrez le château de Châteaudun en Eure et Loir
Tourisme : découvrez la Cathédrale de Chartres en Eure et Loir


Château de Guibert
(or Guybert)*

Discover the history of Hostellerie du Bois Guibert

In the year 857, the Benedictine monastery of Bonneval was founded and became so powerful that there was never a lord in Bonneval. Justice was administered by the monks but could not be enforced within their territory. Therefore, there was mention of the gibbet of Guibert, on the outskirts of their territory, from the early days of the abbey.

Later, Bonneval became a very important grain market, one of the most important in the region. The town of Bonneval belonged to the kings of France, but the fiefdom of Guibert was subject to the lord count of Dunois, and thus to the famous Dunois, companion of Joan of Arc from 1420 onwards.

During the Hundred Years’ War (1337-1453), the town of Bonneval was besieged many times, and the destruction was enormous in the town and at Guibert. After the Hundred Years’ War, the Château was in ruins. It was later rebuilt in the early Renaissance period. Many kings of France would come to stay in Bonneval. It is highly likely that some of them came to Guibert.

It is reported that Lord de Guibert, François du Chatel, governor of the town of Bonneval from 1592 to 1616, is said to have received King Henri IV at Guibert. He indeed fought in the region for a long time and transferred the jurisdictions from Chartres to Bonneval until the date of his coronation in 1594.

In the 17th and 18th centuries, the families of Varades, de Fresques, le Mairat, d’Archambault, and finally Breton owned the property. Mr. Breton demolished the old castle and rebuilt it in 1767. It was then a very large estate of over 1000 hectares.

In 1760, the road to Spain (current RN10) was planned and cut the estate in two. The d’Archambault family was not powerful enough to divert it and subsequently sold their domain. The road was completed in 1780. The Revolution passed without damage to the Château and its inhabitants.

At the end of the 19th century, the war of 1870 caused much devastation in the region, and the castle was not spared. It was restored in 1887, and the interiors were renovated. The Château was then owned by the Duchon, Jouanneau, and Roullier families.

During the World War II (1939-1945), the Kommandantur occupied the Château and completely ravaged the place. The icehouse became a prison and torture chamber. Heavily damaged, the castle became a place of accommodation for people who had lost their homes during the bombings and was eventually transformed into a hotel in 1954. It was at this time that the moat was filled and the medieval gatehouse was destroyed.

The new owners of Hostellerie du Bois Guibert were the Legrand, Guérin, Leluc, and more recently Pisanté families.


Hostellerie du Bois Guibert, a place steeped in history between Chartres and Châteaudun.


The entire castle is equipped with fiber-optic internet, providing high-quality broadband connection for your leisure, study, or seminar needs. It was not easy for the Wi-Fi to penetrate our thick 18th-century walls in the Eure-et-Loir countryside!

Continental breakfast

Our breakfast is a regional reference, known for its diversity and quality of products. It is particularly appreciated by pilgrims, hikers, cyclists, and makes our hotel an essential stop for athletes. It can be served in the room.

Extra bed

You have the option to add an extra bed in a room. This option is available for an adult, a child, or even a baby. It is highly recommended to inform us during the reservation. An additional fee will be charged per night and per person.


The Château du Bois Guibert hotel has a secure and free parking area for our guests, with about twenty outdoor parking spaces and a secure box for motorcycles and bicycles (with a lockable swing door). The box is available upon request.


If you want or need to bring your loyal companion with you, at the hotel, dogs are accepted as full-fledged guests. Everything will be provided to make their stay as pleasant as possible. Please specify their presence during your reservation.

Electric bikes

No need to be a cycling enthusiast. Electric bikes are available at the Capitainerie in Bonneval for the sheer pleasure of cycling. 1,000 km of marked trails will take you through the most beautiful landscapes of the department.