The Resistance Fighter
Chapter 14

Code name: The Squirrel.

As you know, Eure-et-Loir was a pioneer in the fight against the German occupation between 1940 and 1944. Appointed prefect of Chartres in June 1940, Jean Moulin became the emblematic figure of the resistance. He joined General de Gaulle in London in 1941 to achieve the unity of the resistance movements. He founded and presided over the National Council of the Resistance until his arrest by the Gestapo in June 1943. Subjected to torture, for the love of freedom and France, he succumbed to his injuries on July 8, 1943.

At that time, the Kommandantur set up at Château du Bois Guibert. His contact in Bonneval was Fernand Dargaud, the castle's groom, known as The Squirrel, who had perfect knowledge of the town and its inhabitants.

In Bonneval, the resistance focused on sabotaging telephone lines, signals, and railways, recovering parachute drops, as well as attacking isolated German vehicles, and The Squirrel was a master at it. National Road 10 represented a major communication axis, as did the bridge-road located in the Saint-Jacques district in Bonneval. In London, plans were made to organize the resistance. Moulin was the contact in Chartres, and The Squirrel was Moulin's contact in Bonneval. Why the code name The Squirrel? Because during his 13 months in hiding, Fernand used to sleep in a hammock in the trees. There is no worse hiding place than the flat Beauce region when you're on the run, but he was never captured.

Fernand, known as The Squirrel, was an ordinary person who did not hesitate to serve others and a cause without expecting anything in return.

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