The Opium Smoker
Chapter 11

Imagine a specialist, an expert, and a passionate porcelain enthusiast, Gustave traveled extensively to China throughout his life, particularly to Jingdezhen, the “Porcelain Capital.” In the 19th century, Chinese tea sets were highly coveted by the bourgeoisie. Gustave took advantage of this enthusiasm to develop his trade…

French Art of Living for this room that combines historical past and modern comfort.
Contemporary amenities, but with spaces that preserve the elegance of a castle, that’s the challenge met by our rooms. The Hostellerie du Château du Bois Guibert, a former castle transformed into a hotel while maintaining its splendor and luxury, welcomes you in its finest setting, its park.



Room Regulations

Rooms must be vacated by 11 a.m.
After this time, an additional half-day will be charged.
After 3 p.m., a full night will be charged.


Extra Bed

You have the option to add an extra bed in a room. This option is available for an adult, a child, or even a baby. It is highly recommended to inform us during the reservation. An additional charge of 21€ per night and per person will apply.
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  • Top Floor View

  • 2 People

  • 140*190

  • Room Area: 11.15 m²

    Bathroom Area: 3.75 m²

  • Equipped with a Shower

  • Breakfast Included

  • Towels

  • Free Wifi

  • 1 TV